Medina Gardening & Landscaping Inc.



All of the most amazing properties always look clean and attractive. For these properties to maintain this appearance, it takes an experienced team to meet each property's exclusive needs. We are proud to say that we have the best property management team in the area. Serving Medina, Clyde Hill & surrounding cities for over 35 years we know what it takes to keep our customers satisfied and our properties looking flawless. We currently maintain many of the most amazing homes in the area and continue to grow and outshine our competition.


Landscape COnstruction

Design build

We handle construction of patios, water features/ponds, retaining walls, etc... If you can imagine it, it's likely we can build it. We use the most reputable distributors for all construction supplies/material, and coupled with the best construction techniques leaves breathless results every project. Find pictures of some of our work in the gallery.

LAWN & Garden


Our extensive knowledge of lawns & plants that thrive here in the Northwest give us the edge in this competitive industry. Our lawn installations are second to none, we use the same methods that high-end golf courses use to install their fairways. Landscape design is also a specialty. Our many years of experience with design has been whispered about by Medina residents for over 3 decades and our designs continue to evolve every year.