Medina Gardening & Landscaping Inc.

We are a relatively small company that services a small service area. Because we limit our service area to Medina, Hunts Point and Yarrow point, we provide a level of service that other companies simply cannot. Our service area is home of the most beautiful homes and landscapes in the state. We’ve had the pleasure of maintaining roughly 65 beautiful landscapes in this area for over 35 years. Many companies come and go, as we quietly strengthen our foothold. We refuse to expand too far from our roots so we can continue offering the best quality of service. We have arguably set the standard in the area many years ago and continue to do so today.



All of the most amazing properties always look clean and attractive. For these properties to maintain this appearance, it takes an experienced team to meet each property's exclusive needs. Our team of experts cover every need from custom outdoor carpentry to irrigation repair/installation. We try to provide all services needed to maintain every aspect of the landscape, minimizing the need to deal with numerous companies. We are proud to say that we have the best property management team in the area. Our company started by only providing property management and landscape maintenance and today this continues to be our focus. As we satisfy the needs of our customers and their landscapes time after time, no wonder we continue to grow and outshine the competition. We currently maintain many of the most amazing homes and landscapes in the state, and continue to grow and outshine our competition.


Landscape COnstruction

We handle construction of patios, water features/ponds, retaining walls, etc... If you can imagine it, it's likely we can build it. We use the most reputable distributors for all construction supplies/material, and coupled with the best construction techniques we continue to leave breathless results every project. Find pictures of some of our work in the gallery.

LAWN & Garden 

Our extensive knowledge of lawns & plants that thrive here in the Northwest help us everyday to outshine our competition. We go the extra mile to procure only the best plants and sod to provide landscapes that stand out from the rest. To this day we get most of our calls from people who simply stumble across our properties - the ultimate compliment to our hard work.